This site is currently a place for my personal writing, art and photography, but this is how it started out…

I once asked a buddhist monk what being a monk was all about, and he replied that is was about ‘looking at ideas… ideas about what society thinks brings us happiness’.

I thought, ‘Great, I don’t have to become a monk to do that!’

In fact, this is something that I’ve been thinking about, reading about and spending a lot of time on over the last few years – happiness, mindfulness, things like that.

This website, Being Happiness, started out simply as a way of sharing my personal discoveries (note: I’m not a teacher, or a guru, or a zen master, I’ve just been sharing ‘what works for me’, and with luck others might find this interesting too).

Now I’m writing more about what I’m doing that makes me happy, rather than the theory behind it. Too much theory isn’t necessarily a good thing! And the practical side of a happy life is much more fun!

– Ben Curtis. Living in Spain fBen Curtisor many years, co-running Notes in Spanish (contactable via the ’email us’ link at the bottom of the support page there).