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Does the Internet need Another Happiness Blog?

The Internet has plenty of happiness related blogs, life coaches, self help gurus and various other resources to help people be happier. Or less depressed.

Does it really need another blog about joy and contentment?

Yes, I think so.

Ultimately, it would be wonderful if BeingHappiness can help many thousands of people and make a positive difference in their lives. Millions would be better.

But even if each post can only reach a handful of people, hopefully they will spread kindness to touch the lives of many more, so that the effects ripple far and wide.

Most of us would like to do good when we can. Random acts of kindness and being charitable are great ways to give back.

The BeingHappiness Blog is another, more focused effort to contribute.

By dedicating an hour or two a day, the plan is to build up a collection of useful blog posts. If each post can light a candle for just a handful of people, we hope to brighten up the grayness that is blanketing far too many lives.

When deciding on what to blog about, the choice was easy. Choose happiness. After all, that’s ultimately what we are all seeking, isn’t it. And what better way than to write about it.

Which means being immersed in it, learning about it, understanding it, and feeling it.

So here we are.

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