Wrapping Up Being Happiness

Dear friends,

With enormous gratitude and excitement I’ve decided to stop writing here at Being Happiness. For several years I’ve written here about happiness, mindfulness, and related topics, and it’s been wonderful – mostly because of the great comments and feedback I’ve had from readers.

It’s been quite an introspective, autobiographical journey, and for some time now I’ve had the strong feeling that I would like to focus more on direct creativity – be it art, music, photography, different writing or recording projects – a creative life but where the focus is more outward than introspective. Does that make sense? In musical terms, it’s time for a new album!

So I’m hugely grateful to everyone that has read this blog and to those that have commented. I still welcome and will reply to any comments here and on the last few posts (I think the comments switch off on posts older than a week or so), and I can always be contacted via the help/contact pages at notesinspanish.com which will continue as always.

And I’m hugely excited about moving into a more outward, and creative time. I’ve been sitting at home writing about happiness an awful lot over the past few years, and now it’s time to get out more again. My friend Mike Randolph and I have a very exciting Spain-related project about to start, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I begin a new website sooner or later dedicated to my new creative ideas. No doubt the odd bit of writing about life and happiness will creep in! I’m sure life and happiness will be inherent to the new projects in different ways.

If you would like to hear about any of these, just make sure you are signed up to receive new posts from here via the box in the right hand column that says ‘Subscribe to blog by email’. I’ll very briefly post here pointing to these new projects when they are ready, and you’ll get an email automatically with the details, links etc.

Finally, I always meant to include this lyric from Bob Marley, it popped up yesterday on random on my iPod and made me smile – Bob knew what I’ve been writing about all along:

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds” (Redemption Song)

Many many thanks again, may we all continue to be immensely happy in this wonderful world.

Lots of love,


18 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Being Happiness”

  1. Wishing you well Ben. Our Spanish students continue to enjoy Notes in Spanish which we promote monthly in the newsletter and we can pass on that this has been immensely successful with learners at all levels, wonderful feedback for you and Marina. I´ve been following your happiness blog too and enjoy your writing and musings on life. Joy for me is walking with my dog in the countryside, mindful of seasons´ changes but I honestly feel we carry our happy place within us and just need to tune into it. ¡Saludos y que vayan de maravilla tus planes!

  2. Nooooo…..just kidding. I had a feeling a change was coming. Looking forward to seeing what unfolds and I’ve really enjoyed Being Happiness.

  3. I have always enjoyed reading your scripts, they make sense and have a direct knock-on effect to others who sometimes are not able to visualise the world as you do. I wish you luck in your new venture. Life, as we live it, invariably changes and has to, to cope with the changes of modern living. Provided one is able to cope with the change, by what ever means or ability, and come out smiling the other end then it will all have been worth it.

  4. Ben, it’s heartening to read about your plans for music, photography, writing, and I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future. I’m a little behind with Notes in Spanish (I’m currently taking Portuguese lessons and what I learned from Notes in Spanish is really helping as there are many similarities), so I’ll be revising with N.i.S soon. All the very best to you and Marina and may the muses be with you!

  5. Thanks for your posts, Ben,

    On more than one occasion, Being Happiness has reminded me to rev up my own direct involvement with just being and being creative. Right now I’m on a 365 day photo journey, in part, thanks to the encouragement I’ve found here. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about the project that you and Mike Randolph are doing. I know it will be great.

    Have the best of times!

  6. Thank you Ben, I have really enjoyed your blog, and passed it on to a number of others here in Colorado. You have created something neat here. But it does seem like a year to go beyond individual introspection, and practice those same lessons in a more outwardly directed way. Perhaps it is in the nature of things.

    I hope you enjoy our new directions, I look forward to hearing about them.

    Hugs from Colorado,

    -Mike Horner

  7. Hi Ben

    I want to say thank you for all the posts you’ve written. You’ve made many people happy including me. I think it’s always better to give than receive and I want to wish you a very happy next chapter.


  8. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for your words here Ben since the beginning I have really enjoyed your posts.
    A change of wind, Exciting new projects ahead I’m sure, and I very much look forward to hearing more when the time comes.

    All the best

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